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Today, Barista is one of the lucrative jobs around the world. And in Nepal, particularly at this time, when youths have been hit hard by the harsh unemployment simply getting in-hand knowledge of making coffee could be the trouble-shooter for you.

The term Barista (the Italian word for bartender) has been used in English to indicate a professional maker of espresso coffee beverages. Baristas are the one behind the delightful taste of your coffee they work behind the counter. Baristas formulate the ingredients to make coffee and other beverages for customers. They are experts on making each beverage according to customer preferences.

If you are one of the aspirant who is looking to gain the expertise in the art of making espresso and espresso based beverages or planning to open up a coffee shop, or already in business Himalayan Espressos Barista Training Course is designed for you.

Himalayan Espressos Barista Training Course

Himalayan Espressos Barista Training course is aimed for both the aspirants and those already working in the coffee industry. The course will help you master on how to make the prefect espresso and the drinks that escort its base. This course is also beneficial for those who have just started using the espresso machine.

At Himalayan Espresso, we will not only teach you on how to prepare espresso based beverages in a precise way for better taste, but also on how to attract and sell them to customers. Our barista training course, at its most basic, will teach you the most effective and proven ways of "espresso focused" coffee making and marketing methods that will help you to create and sell more espresso based drinks.

Our trainers have years of experience as baristas who will instil in you the necessary skills you require to create the best of espresso. From how to excerpt a flawless espresso to texturing up smooth milk and pouring latte art, to operating machine and caf maintenance, you will master all the skills as a proficient barista. Our course is engaging and enjoyable as having a supportive and fun learning atmosphere has always been the fundamental aspect of our course.

Our classes mainly focused on making and selling the espressos will teach you the following:

  • Roasting coffee, freshness, storage and life-span.
  • Correct procedures of using grinders and espresso machines.
  • How to set the grinder, dose and pull a shot of espresso.
  • Milk steaming.
  • The coffee menu.
  • Cleaning your machine and keeping your work area clean throughout the day to ensure consistent taste and quality in your drinks.
  • Hands-on training in preparing drinks.

Upcoming Barista Classes

  • 20th February, 2018, Tueday, Time: 2 PM to 4 PM (Limited Seats) -
  • 12th January, 2018, Monday, Time: 10 AM to 12 PM (Limited Seats) -
  • 12th February, 2018, Monday, Time: 8 AM to 10 AM (Limited Seats) -